Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year!! For Christmas, I made 9 of these Merry Christmas frames for family. They were done while caring for my sweet Mom who passed away on December 13th. She had been ill for a long time and the months that we all cared for her were difficult and heartbreaking. I am so happy that we did this for her so she could be at home when she passed. She needed around the clock care and our family took turns spending nights with her. Cross stitching these gave me something to pass the time during the long hours when she slept. I hope the family liked them! I also used my Cricut to decorate kraft bags bought at Hobby Lobby. They were filled with the cross stitch frame, some banana bread, Amish cinnamon bread, some crock pot candy and a whisk that was filled with Hershey kisses and had a tag that read We Whisk You a Merry Kissmas. I forgot to take pictures. My heart and mind was really not into Christmas this year!

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