Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Easy to make envelope

I found these instructions online quite some time ago and I love using the instructions to make envelopes that match my cards.  I have been asked by a few people how to do this so I thought I would post the instructions here.

Easy  Envelope
              Start by laying your paper face down.  Place the card on it and fold from the bottom up to cover about 2/3 of the card.  Crease the fold with your bone folder. 
              Fold the top down but don’t make it tight against the card.  Make sure it is creased so that there is about ¼” extra room between the paper and the top of your card.
              Next, cut the sides of the paper so that you have around ¾” extra on each side of the card.  (I use my trimmer to cut it to the right size)
              To create the end flaps, unfold the paper.  At the two creases you have already made, cut slits on each of the fold lines (4 slits in all, two on each side)
              Cut from the top of the sheet down to the first slit.  Cut again from the bottom up to the next slit. I also use my trimmer for this step. Turn your paper around and repeat this step to the other side.
               Use your corner rounder to trim the end flaps. This makes the envelope a little nicer looking. Score your finished flaps and then add adhesive and fold to seal creating the envelope.

Here is a recipe to make the glue for the flap to seal it.  I usually just use my adhesive to close it but found this online also and thought it would be good for cards that you make in advance.  I am usually not organized enough to make cards far ahead...I am a "oh no, I need to get a card made" kind of gal! 

1 tsp Elmer's Glue

1/2 tsp. vinegar

2 drops mint flavoring
( or the flavor you want you dont have to add any though)

Its as easy as that you brush it on let it dry and then when you are ready to use it you Lick it and stick it LOL.....
Please leave me comments if you would like for me to add photos to these instructions.  The page where I found these instructions had pictures and it helped me immensely !

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